Meridium XN Capsules With Xanthohumol Antioxidant

Meridium XN Capsules With Xanthohumol Antioxidant
Item# Bionovix2 is the official retailer of Bionovix Supplements We are proud to bring you the newest in the Bionovix line of health products, Meridium XN Capsules

MeridiumXN Health Benefits:

  • Protects against viruses, bacteria and fungi
  • Acts as a non-thermogenic energy enhancer
  • Helps maintain mood and focus
  • Reduces the long-term risk of serious health problems
  • Improves skin tone and color
  • Helps maintain clear, healthy eyes
  • Helps fight poor sleep and insomnia
  • Restores, protects, and vitalizes your health
  • Reinforces healthy metabolic activity
  • Enhances the elimination of metabolic waste and toxins
  • Eliminate free radicals and other sources of oxidative stress Helps maintain a healthy heart Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels Accelerates weight loss and helps keep weight off Helps maintain healthy eye cornea and retina Helps maintain healthy glucose and insulin levels

    MeridiumXN is a broad spectrum health and wellness solution!

    Meridium XN is a proprietary, patented and patent pending, enhanced therapeutic formulation of xanthohumol, the bioactive molecule found in hops. A wealth of established research shows that xanthohumol acts as a potent wellness agent in the body and plays an active role in counteracting a wide range of conditions associated with chronic health problems.

    Meridium XN is the first and only health product that makes xanthohumol available in a form you can metabolize. Our enhanced formulation of this powerful molecule and wellness solution represents over four years of research and development. Don't take our word for it, try it yourself!

    Meridium XN is a patented bioactive biopharmaceutical compound that addresses core health and wellness issues.

    Xanthohumol, a prenylflavonoid derived from hops induces apoptosis and inhibits NF-kappaB activation in prostate epithelial cells.Colgate EC, Miranda CL, Stevens JF, Bray TM, Ho E. Department of Nutrition and Exercise Sciences, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR 97331, USA.

    There is increasing evidence that certain natural compounds found in plants may be useful as cancer chemopreventive or chemotherapeutic agents. Limited in vitro studies indicate that several prenylated flavonoids present in the hop plant (Humulus lupulus) possess anticarcinogenic properties. The purpose of this study was to investigate the anti-tumorigenic effects of xanthohumol (XN), the major prenylflavonoid in hops, on prostate cancer and benign prostate hyperplasia. BPH-1 and PC3 cell lines were used in our study to represent both non-tumorigenic hyperplasia and malignant prostate cancer. In both BPH-1 and PC3 cells, XN and its oxidation product, XAL, decreased cell viability in a dose dependent manner (2.5-20 microM) as determined by MTT assay and caused an increase in the formation of early and late apoptotic cells as determined by Annexin V staining and multicaspase assays. XN and its oxygenated derivative also induced cell cycle changes in both cells lines, seen in an elevated sub G1 peak at 48h treatment. Western blot analysis was performed to confirm the activation of proapoptotic proteins, Bax and p53. XN and its derivative caused decreased activation of NFkappaB. This work suggests that XN and its oxidation product, XAL, may be potentially useful as a chemopreventive agent during prostate hyperplasia and prostate carcinogenesis, acting via induction of apoptosis and down-regulation of NFkappaB activation in BPH-1 cells.

    PMID: 16563612 [PubMed - in process]