Xenadrine Energy 8 Hour (Cytodyne) Diet Pill

Xenadrine Energy 8 Hour (Cytodyne) Diet Pill
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Xenadrine Energy Diet Pillsand Powerhouse-Supplements.net has it. Xenadrine Energy by Cytodyne, It's what many in the diet, fitness and bodybuilding world have been looking for - the next generation in energy and weight loss products invented by the makers of America's #1 diet supplement.

Xenedrine Energy New 8-hour Power Xenadrene is a revolutionary new extended-release energy supplement which utilizes a unique "power-pellet" delivery system. Its patented formula is specifically designed to help increase energy levels within thirty minutes and then keep on working to maintain those levels for up to 8 full hours!

YOU'LL FEEL THE DIFFERENCE Xenadrine Energy provides a continuous supply of energy-promoting herbs and amino acids that support the body's natural fat-burning capacity and it does it all with just one convenient dose. Taken before breakfast or morning exercise, Xenadrine Energy helps keep you going longer and stronger than before!

THE DISCOVERY OF PATENTED NORAMBROLIDE, THE c-AMP ACCELERATOR The secret to Xenadrine Energy effectiveness resides in a remarkable combination of natural ingredients. First and foremost is Norambrolide (Clary Sage Extract standardized for sclareolide), "the c-AMP Accelerator". While new to the dieting and sports nutrition worlds research shows that Norambrolide supports the body's capacity for turning stored fuel into energy. It accomplishes this by increasing c-AMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate) which is involved in activating cellular enzymes and other substances that help move fat out of fat cells and promote the weight loss process.

AMP UP Although the lynchpin of Xenadrine Energy advanced formula is Norambrolide, it has other allies in the fight against fat and low energy. As it's doing its job, a proprietary Thermocanthin blend of herbas amino acids works with the Norambrolide to support energy metabolism, promoting an idealenvironment in the body for the release of free fatty acids while supporting increased thermogenises and fat loss. This highly advanced one-two punch may help energy levels soar and stay up, even as it helps to burn fat.

QUICK ACTING, LONG LASTING In less than 30 minutes of taking Xenadrine Energy, you may feel its amazing thermogenic effects and keep experiencing them for up to 8 full hours! There's never been anything like it. At work, in the gym or on the go, new Xenadrine-NRG can help give you the lift you're looking for and the body everyone else will be looking at. Plus, it's so convenient. One dose a day is all you need to help shed unwanted pounds and feel more energized!