Russian Dianobol (D Ball) for Increased Muscle (Dianabol)

Russian Dianobol (D Ball) for Increased Muscle (Dianabol)
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Russian Dianobol, D-Bol or D Ball
More Powerful Than Any Safe Alternative&

1 Bottle = 100 Pills, or A 25-50 Day Supply

This is a more pure product than anything on the market. Tested both in the lab and in live tests, we believe this is the best product for real world muscle gain. Itís delivered orally and contains an effective anti-catabolic increase in appetite.

Zoe labs is the first to make Russian Dianobol available legally without a prescription. It will work through the storing and synthesis of proteins to cause an amazing increase in muscle mass and muscle strength.

Dianobol has been one of the most coveted muscle enhancer for decades by virtue of its amazing effects on the size and strength of the athletes who use it. Anadrol is more powerful than Dianobol, but Russian Dianobol is free of the side effects of steroids, making it the safest product on the market and an obvious first choice for many users. Some users even combine it with Equipoison during key cycles in their strength training. Combining these two products can be the secret to the most effective muscle enhancement program available.

You can expect maximum results in muscle size and strength with minimal water retention. Most users report that 2-4 pills per day, evenly spaced, makes for fantastic results. Others report that taking up to 8 capsules per day can be even more effective. Unfortunately, despite its safety, Russian Dianobol is one of a number of products currently being investigated and may not be available forever. Government agencies have already banned a number of similar products, like Andro. Itís impossible to tell whether Russian Dianobol will stand the test of time, so stock up now before it becomes impossible.

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