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High Octane Ephedra by Foundation Nutriceuticals contains 75 mg of fat burning, energy boosting, ephedra extract. Ephedra is also known as Ma huang, and is the worlds oldest medicine. The Chinese have been using ephedra for more than 5000 years. Ephedra has been shown to increase metabolism which helps promote weight loss. It also relaxes the air way passages in the lungs to help ease asthma symptoms and coughs. Ephedra promotes perspiration and is a diuretic to help relieve edema. However ephedra was not used for weightloss until recently.

Ephedra leaves have been widely researched for its thermogenic (fat burning) properties.

This research has shown that ephedra helps promote the loss of fat while helping spare lean muscle tissue, this is a highly sought after property that prescription diet medications still have not been able to reproduce. Bodybuilders looking to get cut-up for body building contests need these qualities in a supplement which is why ephedra is a very popular herb.

High Octane Ephedra is made from the highest quality ephedra leaves available and should be a essential part of your fitness arsenal.