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My name is Dr. Joel. I want you to know the truth about penis enlargement to save you time and your money.. I have been in private practice for almost 30 years as a sex therapist and have helped thousands of men with erection difficulties and penis size. I introduced products for penis enlargement almost 30 years ago and had the first penis enlargement website in 1994.Now there are hundreds of websites promoting penis enlargement with no medical or scientific evidence.


Let me begin by telling you that surgery can make your penis look about a half inch longer but it is expensive, up to $10,000.00 and can cause infections and a deformed penis. With that out of the way let me say you really only have two choices. They are penis enlargement pills and penis vacuum pumps. But first


Right now there are hundreds of websites selling exercise programs to enlarge the penis. But do exercises really work? Absolutely not!!.


You cannot build the penis up through exercise. Those companies selling exercise programs charge $50.00 or more and they do not ship it to you. You download the information to your computer and then print it. They can operate without an office or warehouse because they do not ship anything. But the worst part is where someone on these sites tells you of his personal success enlarging his penis from websites he refers you to or from websites he actually owns. Do these companies rate the websites by how much penis enlargement they claim they received? No they do not. The website that is in the top recommended positions are paying the highest referral commissions or are websites owned by the person making the recommendations.


It is important that you understand the penis is not a muscle and does not respond to exercise. But the exercise programs are not only useless they could be dangerous. I have inspected the exercises and they require you to pull , twist, stretch and perform some rather strange manipulations to the penis. From tugging on it with your hands they all claim to somehow permanently elongate or increase in volume the tissues of the penis. In such programs I do worry about the aggressive manipulation of the penis. The penis is a durable organ, but it can be damaged. Fractures are possible when erect, and abuse could lead to the scar tissue that causes Peyronie's disease (curved penis).

No matter what you do and as often as you do these exercises you will never enlarge your penis. Exercise, masturbation and sex will do nothing to increase penis size. While exercise performed by bodybuilders develops muscle tissue, there are no muscles in the penis that effect size. How do they get away with offering these programs? The government agencies are doing there best to control this. They can't be covering this all the time. They have to devote a lot of their time to other advertising promoters looking to make a quick buck.


Instead of discussing my PRO+PLUS PENIS ENLARGEMENT PILLS here I would prefer you view the website you are on now and learn how you can enlarge your penis with my pills.I do however want to answer those promoters who are critical of one of the ingredients in our formula. That ingredient is Yohimbe. When all of our other ingredients are combined with Yohimbe you will have the penis enlargement you want. Without Yohimbe and our other ingredients you will not achieve penis enlargement.To those who sell their product but they do not include Yohimbe I assume they do it to save money and therefore sell an inferior product.


Corynanthe Yohimbe is the botanical name for a tree that grows in West Africa. For centuries tribes in this region used the inner bark of this tree to increase male virility, sexual prowess and penis size. Yohimbine is the active ingredient in Yohimbe.

In the '60s, '70s, and early '80s, it was accepted Yohimbe could facilitate erection. A widely acclaimed study published in 1984 provided strong evidence that yohimbine stimulates libido (sex drive) and thereby qualifies as a true aphrodisiac.A series of studies concerning yohimbine in treating male impotence was followed by the FDA approval and yohimbine was now a drug that could be dispensed legally by prescription and could be found in the Physicians' Desk Reference.

The technical director of the U.S. Food and Dairy Labs performed a chemical analysis of herbal yohimbe in terms of cost per unit of yohimbine, and found many of the herbal extracts(the ingredient in PRO+PLUS PENIS ENLARGEMENT PILLS) offered a better value than the Yohimbine. With the Yohimbe value firmly established, the herbal preparations have a long history of traditional use and now yohimbe is considered a prosexual. Our all natural PRO+PLUS PILLS herbal formula does not require a prescription. Yohimbine plays a key role in producing male erections. In addition to promoting erections, Yohimbine's compound stimulates sex drive, increases the flow of blood into the penis and penis size.

Yohimbe was tested on a group of men who had been impotent. The study reported an improvement for men taking a moderate dosage of the active ingredient for one month.

Men who took experienced partial erections and failed at normal intercourse at least half of the time reported fuller, more lasting erections, and improved sexual function after taking Yohimbe.

The success rate was startling enough to be prominently reported in Science Digest, Time, and Health magazines, as an alternative to invasive treatments.

Our herbal PRO+PLUS PENIS ENLARGEMENT PILLS is the original penis enlargement pill and has always contained Yohimbe.

Our Yohimbe is from premium Yohimbe bark, all natural and harvested at the peak of the season.

Our herbal PRO+PLUS PENIS ENLARGEMENT PILLS is produced to give you a premium quality scientifically formulated product that can help you achieve all of your penis enlargement goals.


There are websites that claim they have a doctor approved pill. But who is the doctor? Why isn't the doctors name mentioned? It amazes me how they make these claims. I am confident some government agency will stop them soon but as I said before it takes time to close them down. One more word of caution. Watch out for products from outside the USA. They may not meet the standard of products manufactured in the United States. You are not protected. and you have no guarantee of the ingredients contained in their pills.


What about penis enlargement pumps. Do they work? Yes they can. But again you must have realistic expectations and it does require pumping. For manual pumping the Dr. Bross Lever Pump at $69.95 and for an electric pump the Dr. Bross Professional Electric Pump at $149.95 are half the price direct from the manufacturer at the website. What about a penis enlargement pump used with PRO+PLUS PILLS? This is an excellent method for improved penis enlargement. But let us understand one thing. You do not need the pump. The pump is only a bonus to speed up the enlargement process. For some men the pump increases the growth rate. In other words use the pump with the PRO+PLUS PILLS and you speed up the enlargement process.

Thank you for reading this and please view this website for guaranteed penis enlargement.