The Secrets Of Squaw Tea

The Secrets Of Squaw Tea

Desert Cabbage Tea

It looks like just an ordinary little shrub with long spindly twigs and clumpy pollen clusters that grows in tough rocky areas in desert and marginal land. Found in Asia, North America and South America, plants in the Ephedra genus containing an amazing secret.

While many species of Ephedra are found throughout its natural range, several species are very important commercially for medicinal uses. These species of ephedra are Ephedra sinica (Chinese ephedra, ma huang or mahuang) plus several others. Squaw tea is another catch-all term for the ephedra genus (another one is Mormon tea).

What makes this rather modest and even boring-looking little bush so important are its alkaloids. These alkaloids are ephedrine and pseudo-ephedrine, and they have some very interesting and useful effects on the human body. What would you call a herbal extract that not only helps relieve respiratory congestion caused by asthma, flu and the common cold but also helps in weight loss. Would you call it amazing? Would you call it impossible? Well, I�d call it Squaw Tea, and the Chinese call it ma huang...

Ephedra or squaw tea is very important in many very effective weight loss supplements (e.g. Yellow Bullets and Yellow Devils) because of its thermogenic properties. A thermogenic substance such as ephedrine raises the body�s metabolism, meaning that the body burns calories faster and more efficiently. How this helps in weight loss is because if the calorie intake remains the same (or drops) while the metabolism rises, the body will turn to its fat reserves to meet its energy needs. Combine this with exercise and the body will even use brown adipose tissue (i.e. the stubborn hard-to-shift sort of fat).

And ephedra helps you exercise. The pioneers and the Native Americans drank ephedra because it is a stimulant, making you feel energetic and enhancing your stamina � hence the names �squaw tea� or �Mormon tea�. Ephedra has this effect because it triggers the brain to release the hormone adrenaline � yes, the same adrenaline that is released by excitement or danger. This adrenaline in the system will raise the heart rate and get the muscles into �red alert� state; this is called the flight-or-fight response. Exercise, whether this means a punishing gym session, a run or dancing like crazy, is the best way to use this fight-or-flight response and make it work for you. What�s more, this stimulating effect will also help you stay alert and focused.

Squaw tea or ephedra is often combined with caffeine, as these two herbal extracts have a synergistic effect when it comes to weight loss and fast fat burning. Examples of dietary supplements that contain both ephedra and caffeine include Lipodrene and Hydroxylean.

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