Superdrol 90ct Anabolic Extreme

Superdrol 90ct Anabolic Extreme
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When taking Superdrol Muscle Building Compound, we suggest SciFit's DHB & Estro Suppress.

Superdrol (methasteron) is definitely not a pro-hormone: it is a very active form of a designer supplement that is also highly anabolic. This supplement was designed to have it all, achieving only the best attributes with minimal side effects.

Designer Supplements and Anabolic Xtreme have teamed up to bring this product to you at a speed and in a way that could not have been done alone. This new AX/DS team has been working around the clock to bring to you Superdrol™ as quickly as possible.

What can you expect from Superdrol?

The gains from Superdrol are very dry and lean, which means that you are going to make steady and strong gains without the excess water weight. All testers were selected in part because of their experience with running supplement growth cycles, found that the muscle gains produced from Superdrol were no less than 2/3 of anything they had ever tried before.

More interestingly, they found very few side-effects to complain about.

Superdrol has a capacity for impressive and consistent gains in strength. Testers experienced dramatic and immediate strength gains, when consuming sufficient calories. To their surprise and our delight, every single one became stronger every single workout, and many personal bests were recorded, while volume increased. Gains are very dry, and it makes muscles noticeably more hard and dense. The gains from Superdrol will be impressive, and they will not take long to start, but they will be more gradual and consistent. Your numbers in the gym and on the tape measure will go up, not explosively, but they will go up surely and steadily.

The diuretic effects of Superdrol will at first mask the gains as you lose water and gain muscle. When mass begins to increase, it should do so disproportionately compared to tape-measurements. So if you are only checking the scale, or if you are not lean enough to notice the loss of water, persist and be rewarded. What all this really means, is that you are likely to retain and be rewarded for all your work, instead of losing it as your water retention resides.

Along with marked increases in strength, all testers observed undeniable increases in their endurance, whether in cardio or adding to the sets they could perform. Breathing and heart rates were not as high as expected.

When using Superdrol, fat will not magically melt away, but nor will it especially inhibit fat loss on a cut. It is essentially fat loss neutral. When stacked together with a fat-burner / energy supplement such as Anabolic Xtreme Rampage™ you can expect to add a cutting effect to your cycle as well as increased energy and stamina.

How should it be used?

As with any compound, some people respond better than others. What this means for you is that you will need somewhere between 10 and 40mg of Superdrol per day, depending on your weight and training level. See the stacking guidelines for more details. Using recommended dosages, the testers, on average, gained five pounds of muscle in under three weeks, while losing water and gaining no fat on hyper caloric bulking diets. Superdrol is most effective when used during a bulking cycle.

When using Superdrol to bulk it is very important to take it with meals that consist of high complex carbohydrates and proteins.

Protein consumption should be around 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight daily.

Getting yourself covered..

You will want to increase your water intake while taking Superdrol to counter the diuretic effects. Because Superdrol is fat neutral, you can add a thermogenic effect by adding a fat-burner / energy supplement to your cycle. As for Post-Cycle

Therapy, do not suppose that you can get away without using proper PCT following the use of Superdrol. The dosing and length of your PCT will depend on the length of your Superdrol cycle. Consult user feedback and the World CLass Supplements write-up on Rebound XT™ to make your best PCT decisions. Rebound XT contains the unmatched, patent-pending compound


With Superdrol, if anything is close to necessary, it would be general liver protection product. Everything else is strictly optional, and can be used in a complementary stack Superdrol, not as something necessary to counter the deficiencies of the primary mass builder.RDROL™

Stacking Superdrol

Rest assured, Superdrol works very well on its own, however, your results will always be improved when stacking with other great products that add to the results. While Superdrol is much better for bulking, if used for cutting, a good thermogenic like Anabolic Xtreme Rampage can be added to increase results.

You will also want to plan out your Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) and which product you will be taking to help keep your gains.

Rebound XT by Designer Supplements is unmatched in terms of estrogen control, and boosting of natural testosterone levels.

Here is a recommendation for a 200lb male:

For a very effective anabolic cycle of ten weeks duration, including PCT. On to the details: run Superdrol for 6 weeks with an

increasing dosage to achieve the best results. Following the completion of this cycle, four weeks of Rebound XT will bring your

natural testosterone production back to where it should be. See the stacking link on this website for more details.

WEEKS ........................AMOUNT...........................PRODUCT

• Weeks 1-2 ..................2 caps (20 mg) ..................Superdrol™

• Weeks 3-4 ..................3 caps (30 mg) ..................Superdrol™

• Weeks 5-6 ..................4 caps (40 mg) ..................Superdrol™

• Week 7 .......................4 caps (100 mg) ................Rebound XT™

• Week 8 .......................3 caps (75 mg) ..................Rebound XT™

• Week 9 .......................2 caps (50 mg) ..................Rebound XT™

• Week 10 .....................1 cap (25 mg) ....................Rebound XT™

You can combine this stack with Anabolic Xtreme Rampage for explosive workouts.. Rampage would be taken 30 minutes

prior to your workout.

If you are interested in the more descriptive write-up, please see “The Superdrol Write-up” on the Designer Supplements website

Superdrol Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Capsule Servings Per Container: 90

Amount Per Serving:

Methasteron 10 MG

Directions As a dietary supplement, take 2-3 capsules daily.


Men under the age of 18, women and children should not use this product

Store in a cool, dry place, tightly closed.

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