Vita Nectar -- Multi-Vitamin Liquid by Nu Essentials

Vita Nectar -- Multi-Vitamin Liquid by Nu Essentials
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Why is it necessary to take a multivitamin?

In order for the body to perform at it's best, it requires many different vitamins and minerals to nourish cells and maintain balanced body chemistry. Research has shown that the average American diet, laden with highly processed, refined foods, is deficient in these vital nutrients, and such deficiencies may lead to certain diseases. Think of Vita Nectar Multi-Vitamin, our complete multivitamin and multimineral supplement, as an insurance policy you take every day to make sure your body has what it needs to prevent illnesses caused from nutrient deficiencies.

The vitamins and minerals in Vita Nectar Multi-Vitamin dissolve better in liquid form, resulting in a 98 percent absorption rate, versus the approximately 10 to 20 percent absorption rate of tablets and capsules.

Additionally, Vita Nectar Multi-Vitamin delivers 15 vital vitamins.

Vita Nectar Multi-Vitamin has a pleasant Sunny Citrus. You should take Vita Nectar Multi-Vitamin at least once daily, with a meal so your body digests the vitamins and minerals more effectively.

Benefits include increased energy levels, better concentration and focus and improved fingernail and hair growth. How soon you notice the benefits of taking Vita Nectar Multi-Vitamin depends upon your individual makeup. Some people will notice changes immediately while others will notice subtle differences over time.